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Image of King Pea Wraps (All Sizes)

King Pea Wraps (All Sizes)

The King Pea wrap features a stunning peacock in various shades of blue accented with bold pink and burgundy splashes throughout. In lieu of feathers, the peacock is adorned with a golden crown. Wear this print when you're feeling regal. It's a showstopper and will remind you that you deserve to be seen.

The full wrap (22W x 72L) is designed to cover the entire head. They can add elegance and style even in the event of a bad hair day and is the more versatile of the two options, as it can be folded in styles that also leave visible hair exposed.

The half wrap (12W x 54L) is perfect for beginners and eases the challenge associated with a larger piece of fabric. They highlight the best of both worlds, showing both the style of wrap and the beauty of the visible hair. These half wraps are also perfect for kids.

Each wrap is
* Made with Certified Organic Cotton
* Printed in Eco-Friendly ink on one side only. The inside is white.
* Finished in coordinating trim
* Comes with 2 gold hair pins for aiding in styling
* Machine Washable (Wash on cool/delicate setting. Machine dry low. Iron on reverse.)

If you have purchased an Omi Grace wrap before, these new wraps will be wider than the wraps you purchased previously. It will give you a fuller wrap and will be particularly beneficial if you've got lots of hair.

Image of King Pea Wraps (All Sizes)
Image of King Pea Wraps (All Sizes)
Image of King Pea Wraps (All Sizes)