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Image of 10x10 | Custom Painting

10x10 | Custom Painting

The ones I pluck from my imagination are pretty dope, but maybe you have something special in mind. This option allows me to paint from YOUR imagination. Send me the specs and I'll make it happen. Your custom art piece will come on a 10x10 canvas.

Please include the following in notes at checkout:

- Background Colors | Select up to 3 colors
(please note that the hair or wrap will be the same color as the background)
- Skin Color | Dark, Medium, Light
- Lip Color
- Hairstyle or Wrap
- Silver or Gold Earrings
- Anything else you might be interested in

Turnaround is approximately 2 weeks. I'll send you an email with a photo of your piece once it's completed and get it in the mail once you approve.

Image of 10x10 | Custom Painting